September is Around the Corner

Dear Mama,
How is the going? Remember though, that above all jobs, ours do matter a great deal. Another call for duty is around the corner. As always, this too is a rewarding assignment – finding the right school for our dear kids.
A new academic year will soon begin. For me, it’s usually a time for a re-evaluation of my children’s school. Should they continue where they are or should I change their school?
Pardon my manners, I should have introduced myself first. Well I am really nobody, maybe that’s why it is easier to forget the introduction, let me try.
I am a mother with a child in Kindergarten, another in Grade 2, yet another in Grade 5, and a final another in Grade 7. Mine is a middle income earning family that desires true education for our wonderful kids.
In my locality, it’s a herculean task to find a good school that is really cheap, low-priced, inexpensive, or rather affordable to me.
choosing the right schoolMany of the schools that I find enchanting are really expensive…that makes me feel helpless.
But on a second thought, one got to do, what one got to do…
So off I will go, in search of a school that offers a little bit of everything I want without compromising academic performance and moral excellence.
First of all, I have to admit, I have longer-throat for nice things seen in ‘Big schools’ … Excursions to tantalizing places, Swimming, Ballet dances, Computer technology, Calisthenics, Orchestra of Musical Instrument parade, Colorful and tastefully furnished classes, basketball court and flower gardens….
In addition to the trophies won at spelling bees, national mathematics competition, science jet and discovery clubs, language and enunciation classes, etiquette, public speaking, handiwork, moral discipline and leadership skills.
Please my fellow dearmamas, do wish me well!!
I will be back ….
Much Love from your colleagues every where on earth where humans inhabit!
 Yours Faithfully,


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