I Can’t Step Out Without My Lipstick!


I just realized that I cannot step out of the house without wearing my lipstick…

What does that make me? Well, I trust you will hand down a kind judgement……

I have a signature lipstick shade, if it is not peach, pink or coral, then its peachy-pinky coral.

The color makes me feel like a girl, youthful and alluring.

Honestly, wearing these shades, lifts my spirit and brightens my mood.

I can wear it creamy, glittering or matte. I have a minimum of three lipsticks in these shades, because, half of the time, am looking for one of my stuff or the other, so with three or more, there is no way, I can’t find one to apply.

I have never worn the ravishing, bold, daring and fearless red lipsticks (Ruby woo, cherry red, hot red). I admire them on some skin tones, but I haven’t got the nerves to wear that. Maybe because the typical events I attend to mostly are conservative … lecture halls, committee meetings, bible study sessions, laboratory work or conferences.

Some women really do love concealers…. It is an invaluable tool if you have blackheads, under eye circles, dark droopy eyes, scars and other imperfections to mask.

For others, their makeup favorite is eye shadow….

or compressed powder

pixabay photos

What is your ‘can’t do without’ makeup item? I will like to know…

Please Comment….I am itching to hear.

Makeup when used tastefully, highlights your beauty and boosts self –confidence. Yes, because when you look good, you feel good.

My makeup kit is really scanty, it is not easy to combine motherhood with fashionistahood. But I am working on it, I hope to begin with buying makeup brushes and learning how to use them.

Talking about shopping for makeup and other beauty things…..

If you are in Nigeria, one of the great places to walk in for makeup services, or to shop for beauty supplies is the Hartland Beauty Supply, Wuse, Abuja, FCT, Nigeria.

They have an amazing makeup studio and professional makeup artists for your Weddings/Bridal make-ups, Home Make-up and Make-over services.

Anything beauty…. From your Nails to Whole Body Spa.

It can never go wrong in HBS, Abuja.

They also offers sale of beauty supplies for personal use, salon & spas. They have lots of exciting products in their hair & skin categories.

For more and online booking visit their website: http://www.hbs.com.ng/

Learn how exercise can add to your beauty…this is so true in my case.

Please click and read on….


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  1. Comment:i cant do without my foundation…unlike some girls…my dont really hav a spotless face…i dnt hav much pimples but i deal wit blackheads. …so i jst feel more confident with my foudation and compressed powder


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