Ten Things To Teach Your Children About The Use Of Internet


We know that you know a lot about internet use.

But we do not know whether your children knows what they should, about the internet. 

Here a few things, your kids should know about the internet.

children and the internet

  1. Do your kids know that people can hide their real identity and pretend to be who they are not, especially in social media? You can even act it out as a drama session to show how a 50 year old man can act to be a 12 year old girl and prey on your daughter!

  2. Tell them that articles from domains that end in .gov and .edu are generally safer than those from .com websites.

  3. Are they aware that some electronic downloads may contain dangerous and destructive viruses that can corrupt and damage the computer? This is why it is helpful to be sure of the source of downloads and also to install anti-virus /internet security on computers that are used to browse on the internet.

  4. Frightening as it may sound, let them know that criminals prowl the internet in search of potential victims. These bad individuals may target the children or may intend to get at the parents through the children.

  5. Tell them never to chat with anyone they do not know personally nor share personal details (phone numbers, addresses, pictures, activities and locations) about any member of the family with someone on the Internet.

  6. Make them to freely talk to you about any uncomfortable interaction or advances by any person including a familiar person. This is never automatic! It is easier only when you have already established an open communication with your children.

  7. Help them appreciate that timing is important as far as internet browsing is concerned. Nighttime browsing are more precarious….

  8. Let your child know that one can get addicted to the internet if screen time is limitless…. Explain that out of concern for him, you will insist that duration of internet use in the home is regulated, and that you will have to invoke parental controls on phones, television, tablets and PCs. Be friendly when conversing with young ones on this subject, listen with empathy to their own interest and guide them patiently.

  9. Are they aware that even after you delete what has been shared online, it doesn’t really go away. It only disappears from public view but it is stored away on a server. This should make them to be more calculative anytime they wish to post a picture, or a comment online.

  10. Make sure your child knows what to do if he stumbles on inappropriate content or pop ups while browsing. Encouraging him to act swiftly or seek help immediately.

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