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dearmama360 editorWelcome to dearmama360.

It is an Online Women Resource.

A Family Life, Motherhood, Parenting, Healthy Living, Exercise and Fitness Website.

The articles are written to provide support and inspiration to Moms, particularly Nigerian Moms.

My name is Ijey.

I am an imperfect mama of four kids.

Wifey to a gentle and God-fearing Husband.

First Child to a superb couple – wonderful parents of all time.

I have spent a whooping 33 years on this planet, but have only been able to achieve just a quarter of my dreams….

But… Hey, I don’t give up!

I wanted to have a good home…. And I got that!

I loved to read mainly health, wellness and story books…

But didn’t know how I landed a Ph.D. in Pharmacology.

I have always enjoyed teaching my fellow primary school kids.. under our staircase, those days!! But lo.. I am presently teaching University Students.

I have gathered a little bit of experience, about the Joy, Fears and Pain of Motherhood…

The mix of Parenting and Career…

The challenge of being a Wife and Mother in Today’s World….

So I write to Share, Connect with other dearmamas and together we Inspire each other.

I do hope that you find the articles informative, or in the very least, that you can relate to the experiences I share…

Thanks for dropping by.



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