The Diary of an Abused Woman

As a young lady, while gisting with friends, we usually boasted about what we will do if our husbands dared beat us. We blamed...

Lessons I Learnt from Keto Diet

 9 Lessons I Learned While I Was Eating The Keto – Way #1. Excess Calories Intake Is The Real Culprit  Counting calories is simply taking account...

Excuses I Gave For Not Saving Money

I have never always been thrift in spending… even as a child, I spent all my allowances while my younger saved a greater part....
wife saving money

Am just a Wife, Should I Save Money?

I was preparing an article on saving money, when i remembered the battles within my mind during the first few years of my marriage....
dearmama360 mom's ask series

Moms Ask: Should I Work at Home or Outside?

MOMS ASK Should I Work at Home or Outside? Before you finish reading this article, you will realize that the answer to this question is that,...
right school for your child

Proven Tips to Help You Decide On the Right School for Your Child

Hi dearmama, I am back from the school search expedition….I told you, i will be back...So here I am. garnered a few points that...
choosing the right school for your child

September is Around the Corner

Dear Mama, How is the going? Remember though, that above all jobs, ours do matter a great deal. Another call for duty is around the...
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